Custody Short Film - Review

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Custody Short Film - Review

The moment one hears the word custody, the mind quickly spins the image of a serious concept. One, with brutal law and order, devastating verdicts, and maybe heartaches experienced by one or more parties.  But the audience would be delighted to witness the battle of this ‘custody’. A sweet short film directed by Mansi Nirmal Jain, shows the existence of an absolutely serious and somewhat heart wrenching concept of extra marital affair in a very funny way!


While we have witnessed on reel (and maybe real life too!) the portrayal of extra-marital affairs with hair pulling, cursing, beating to a pulp and vicious name calling, and a situation where ladies (and maybe in some instances, men!) have fought to claim their ‘property’. However Mansi has spun the image in a decisively interesting way by instead of claiming, the two ladies are trying to push their ‘property’ to the other!


This hilarious take of an extramarital affair is beautifully portrayed by the actors and the direction is very finely executed. 

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The Critic’s Corner

Good one
2 years ago