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    Sangrah: Story of a child labourer, chotu, in a remote village and the struggles he faces to enjoy simple pleasures. Chotu works in a snack shop and spends his day by cleaning and serving snacks and tea. It also shows how the things we tend to take for granted is luxury for some.
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    A boy who borrows a Rose from a guy as he wants to put it on his mother’s grave. The small gesture helps the grown man appreciate what he has.
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    The Coffin Maker
    What is the life of a coffin maker? An uncanny family business passed on from generations and the aspirations of an undertaker, the guardian of death, is what The coffin Maker talks about.
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    Diamond Necklace
    An adaption of the classic short story by Guy De Maupassant. The Diamond Necklace shows the human need of false sense of status and the price that is paid in order to achieve it.
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    Child prostitution and the subsequent HIV/Aids infection is a reality that cannot be ignored. Will little June get her salvation and freedom to chase her dreams?
  • example-image
    The Bet
    Adaption of a short story by Anton Chekhov. Which is better: death penalty or life imprisonment?
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    The Colors of Pride
    A bizarre event unfolds in 1845 Rajasthan, India. This is a story about a Landowner and the most peculiar taxation policy implemented in recent history. An incident with the evasive Dyers society unleashes the colors of pride and a preposterous levy ensues leading the Dyers to work at night. Buried for one hundred and sixty years The Colors of Pride.
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    Love gone wrong? Two love birds enjoy a beautiful relationship until one day, things suddenly go wrong. How strong is their relationship to shield against the approaching storm?
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    Millions of prayers per second …. And counting.. And one fine day, God thought to respond! Some prayers need to be answered this way! Watch a hilarious account of a businessman’s request being answered by God.
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    Bombay 1992
    When the whole city burns with communal rage, what does one do when he has more than just himself to save? The film is neither a question asked to challenge the authorities nor an answer that provides solace. It's just another story of a common man, dragged in the tug of war of violence and religious virtues.Muslims were not killed. Hindus were not killed. Humanity was killed, in Bombay 1992.
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    Black Freedom
    The euphoria of Independence was sapped by the anguish of Partition. We were free – yet we killed communal carnage, broken homes, destroyed relationships – it scarred souls perhaps forever…Black Freedom looks beyond savagery and massacre in the name of religion at a time when human ceased being humane.
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    The film is about a fear in the mind of women, "There is a fear dwelling within the mind of every woman due to the current scenario of brutality and crime against women. Must watch full movie to watch what happens to Seema Azmi.
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    Hunger' is the journey of a man looking for a city, which promises to feed everyone. But what he finds is desolation and hunger. Today's current scenario of the modern world with inflation, recession and depression, where currencies of various countries are falling like dry leaves from a tree, it is a satire where we see the struggle of every common man to survive each day of life. We see how difficult life it is, even for people whose requirements are nothing more than their daily wage, to feed themselves in a developing nation.
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    Based on Sadat Hassan Manto's short story "Thanda Gosht". Story of the hideous nature of crime and the repercussions when the animal in the human takes over.
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    A short film depicting trasformation of human beings during riots, showing how they fail to differentiate between living and dead .
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    A story of everlasting love between a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. They reminisce their past anniversaries and remember the good and bad times. What happens when the kids leave home to seek their fortune while the parents are left behind?
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    Cheating and taking emotions lightly comes easily to the guys who are players. What happens when a guy is juggling 3 girlfriends and they come to know of his infidelity? Is the guy aptly punished?
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    Jhum Jham Jhum
    Reena, a small girl from the city is not willing to visit the ancestral village. Finally her parents persuade her to go. There she makes friends with other children who take her to a Banyan tree that tells stories. Children don't know that an old man hides inside the cavity of the tree and narrates stories to them. Now, Reena does not want to return to the city. She persuades her parents to come to the tree to hear it for themselves. But an unexpected event breaks her heart.
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    Rent (A compromise)
    Four friends who are struggling to make ends meet have to pay up rent to their landlord by 5 p.m. in the evening , otherwise they are threatened with imprisonment. They are faced with a moral dilemma when an acquaintance suggests an option that will enable them to make some quick money.
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    Recycle Mind
    Shambhu is a scrap dealer, whose wife is always cribbing about their life status. All is ordinary till one day he thought to change his fate! Witness a comical account of a scrap dealer (starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui) on the journey to become a dentist!
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    Head constable Tambe isn’t having the best of days.His wife slams doors in his face.His little daughter won’t speak to him.His only friends, havaldaars Sawant and Shilwant, feel cheated by him.And to make matters worse, he’s been given nightlong Ganpati visarjan bandobast duty. The lights are blinding. The drums are deafening. Explosions. Clanging. Flashing. Thrashing. His senses are being attacked from every which way. Every screaming face seems to be mocking him tonight. His blood… slowly… rises… to a… boil… Until he snaps, plunges into the crowd, pulls his gun out, and as jaws drop around him… he unleashes a TAANDAV!
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    Teesra Rasta
    Little Kiran goes to the post office with her father to get the radio papers stamped. The excitement of the experience inside turns into sheer terror outside when her dad hands her a 10 paisa coin to give it to the woman sitting beneath the peepal tree. Kiran is now a young girl being groomed at her natal home by her mother, who is forever perfecting her chores. Visuals of ornaments appearing on Kiran one by one depict her marriage and end with her father-in-law telling her father, "Whatever you wish to gift your daughter, just present it in form of cash". Kiran is standing in the center, with her mother and mother-in-law standing on either side. She is quiet while the two women tell her what is expected of a married woman at her marital home. The girl is now at her marital home, slogging away. With an exhausted face she enters her bedroom where her husband is fast asleep. Kiran is lying on her bed one afternoon after the completion of her work when the mother-in-law comes and switches off the fan. A monologue follows indicating a letter being sent by Kiran to her father about being troubled in her husband's home. Kiran is standing in front of the mirror in her room, waiting for her husband to come. The girl picks it up. The mother-in-law comes and takes her son's hand in hers and takes him away. Kiran's father comes to take his daughter home for a few days. The mother-in-law tells him that if he feels like dropping her back, its fine, if not, he can keep her. Kiran is now sitting in the drawing room with her father sitting opposite her. The family is sitting together for dinner, Kiran's mother is constantly looking at her stoned eyes and expressionless face. Kiran has a dream where a woman is being chased by a man, after some running , she falls on the ground and the man opens a bottle and throws some liquid at her. The image of the woman covered in the white cloth, with her hand sticking out, follows. The film ends with Kiran running past the same peepal tree, it is night.. this time there are many women sitting there. She does not want to be like them… she says she has chosen the third way to live ..
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    Ram Naam Satya Hai
    Raam Naam Satya Hai : The film is about reverse migration From city to village, from knowledge to ignorance. A prototype, he is running, he is hungry, like million others with contradictions of life. All are out there to get him, but there is no end.
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    Pehla Affair
    Rohit has been unlucky among opposite sex and has never had any girlfriend. He meets Shilpa, a handicapped girl, who works in a boutique. Rohit feels that since both of them lack certain qualities, may be they can complement each other. He starts to pursue Shilpa and soon they become good friends. But Rohit is in a dilemma if what he is doing is morally correct? Is he trying to take advantage of her handicap? And thus begins a turmoil betweel Love & Lust.
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    Koni Aikta Ka
    A man tied of his suffering in the race of life, intends to commit suicide. But halts when he thinks of his family. Poverty, though, has burdened the family into trying times, it has made the ties of a husband and wife much stronger. Fervently forging forward, they are unaware of the sudden calamity that would befall. Not alone are they in this disaster, yet whom to blame for their invaluable loss?
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    I Love You
    A contradiction to these three endearing words, this short film is a sheer horror of obsession. A young man caught in the web of fascination with a young woman, idolizes her and makes offerings of flowers, cards and gifts. Disturbed by his constant pestering, she refuses all his offerings bluntly. And then unfolds an account of pure evil. Watch this horrifying short tale of love gone absolutely wrong

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