Purahanda Kaluwara

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An old blind man refuses to believe that his son, a soldier, has died.  

His son Bandara was killed in a land mine and he was brought home in a sealed coffin. Needless to say that his body would not be in that graceful state that once was.

 The government is willing to compensate for the family’s loss. And for the old man and his poor relatives, the compensation would mean rain in a drought. Every member of the family is strained in making ends meet and this compensation would solve a lot of financial problems.  

Constantly pressured by his relatives in receiving the compensation, he stood his ground in believing that his son is alive.  

And to prove it, he embarked on doing the unthinkable!  A very earthy and raw subject. A beautiful movie to watch.



The Critic's Corner

Saumya Gupta
3 years ago