Raja Makutam

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Directed by B. Narasimha Reddy, the most creative director of Telugu Cinema, the plot is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet with significant changes.

The plot lines of the Shakespearean play that portrays the queen marrying the king's murderer and the tragic ending were removed.

Instead, in the film, after the king's murder by his prime minister, the queen and the prince form a team.

Prince feigns madness as in the play but the conclusion was changed to a happy ending.

The film is melodramatic and beautifully captured showing creativity through dance and dialogue.

A very interesting movie to watch


B.Nagi Reddy

Cast & Crew

Kantha Rao


The Critic's Corner

Akshay Chhadva
Synopsis in English, movie in Telgu so y dont ul provide with English subtitles ? and y cant i just post the comment only ? y i even have to rate it ?
3 years ago