The Great Indian School Show

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At the outset, it is a school like any other school. Except that a closer look could startle you.
The school ma     nagement has installed Closed Circuit Television cameras in the school. 185 cameras, covering every square inch of the school premises. School children grow up under the watchful gaze of these cameras.

Is this a sign of our times?
The concept of Discipline could easily by misrepresented, misinterpreted.
Schoolboy mischief could be subverted into major misdemeanor.
Memories of school life would probably be interspersed with TV monitors, watchful cameras in classrooms and crackling sound-boxes.What about the teachers? How do they deal with this situation?
And yet, we haven't even scratched the surface of the plethora of possible hidden agendas behind creating this strange circumstance.
Nothing takes time getting used to. Not even 185 cameras perpetually trained on you. And the number of cameras is increasing even as we contemplate on what this phonomenon augurs.
Talk of Orwellian irony.


Avinash Deshpande is a free-lance filmmaker and scriptwriter.
He studied Film Direction at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, where he has been a faculty member in both the Film and the Television wings. As Visiting Faculty, he has taught in all leading Film- related institutes.
Recently, he has started a private Film training school called FRAMEWORK ACADEMY OF CINEMA AND TELEVISION in Pune, India.


  • “DARK TIMES”, a 30 minute documentary about the plight of the cotton farmers of Central India, who are committing suicide by the hundreds out of frustration and hopelessness.
  • “The Great Indian School Show”
  • Several programs and shorts for television including a series of 32 three minute films on traditional medicine.





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