A Burden Of Love

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This evocative and warm documentary explores the status of Alzheimer's Disease in the Indian context. Featuring many of those who suffer it, their family members and care givers and people from the medical fraternity, the film portrays aspects of this cruel illness with sensitivity and empathy. In the process, A Burden of Love also attempts to dispel myths and misconceptions and highlights our social needs to manage this illness better.
The documentary is the first of its kind to explore the status of Alzheimers disease in India.
--- Bombay Times
A significant film towards creating awareness about this tragic illnessa comprehensive film.
--- Sunday Review, Times of India
The film is shot interestinglySingh has taken enough care to handle his subjects sensitively.
--- Mid-Day
Informative, engaging and often, touching.
--- AD International World Congress.


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The Critic's Corner

Nilesh Sirdesai
Just love it. It is one of finest documentary made till date on Alzheimer's by Brahamanad Singh´╗┐
3 years ago