Cobra Gypsies

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Raphael Treza


In northern India, lives a nomad people of dancers and musicians, their names means "those who love the snakes".They are one of the most iconic tribe of the gypsies from Rajasthan : the Kalbeliyas.
Raphael Treza, director and musician went to meet with this mythical tribe to discover their unique culture and reveals portraits on a traditional and com temporary musical background. We leave with Surumnath in the desert in search of a cobra which he sells the venom. We follow the production of wood charcoal with Biram's family and we discover the various jobs of the kalbeliyas , such as shepherd, dance teacher or horse trainer. We participate to a wild honey hunting with an unconventional method and we discover the intimacy of kabelliyas customs though a wedding and a funeral. We follow the children of a caste of gypsies who are antelope hunters in search of their lost camel. We also observe the technique of gypsies to find a rare and poisonous lizard, the Fucan and then we'll see what happens during a Kalbeliyan festival where no camera had filmed this before.This film combines adventure, nature, culture and reveals the unique beauty of the original people of the Gypsy culture.


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