Teesra Rasta

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Anwar Jamal


Little Kiran goes to the post office with her father to get the radio papers stamped. The excitement of the experience inside turns into sheer terror outside when her dad hands her a 10 paisa coin to give it to the woman sitting beneath the peepal tree. Kiran is now a young girl being groomed at her natal home by her mother, who is forever perfecting her chores. Visuals of ornaments appearing on Kiran one by one depict her marriage and end with her father-in-law telling her father, "Whatever you wish to gift your daughter, just present it in form of cash". Kiran is standing in the center, with her mother and mother-in-law standing on either side. She is quiet while the two women tell her what is expected of a married woman at her marital home. The girl is now at her marital home, slogging away. With an exhausted face she enters her bedroom where her husband is fast asleep. Kiran is lying on her bed one afternoon after the completion of her work when the mother-in-law comes and switches off the fan. A monologue follows indicating a letter being sent by Kiran to her father about being troubled in her husband's home. Kiran is standing in front of the mirror in her room, waiting for her husband to come. The girl picks it up. The mother-in-law comes and takes her son's hand in hers and takes him away. Kiran's father comes to take his daughter home for a few days. The mother-in-law tells him that if he feels like dropping her back, its fine, if not, he can keep her. Kiran is now sitting in the drawing room with her father sitting opposite her. The family is sitting together for dinner, Kiran's mother is constantly looking at her stoned eyes and expressionless face. Kiran has a dream where a woman is being chased by a man, after some running , she falls on the ground and the man opens a bottle and throws some liquid at her. The image of the woman covered in the white cloth, with her hand sticking out, follows. The film ends with Kiran running past the same peepal tree, it is night.. this time there are many women sitting there. She does not want to be like them… she says she has chosen the third way to live ..


A J Productions


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