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    Pancham Unmixed
    Winner of 2 national Awards, Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai, takes an incisive look into the legendary composer, RD Burman’s reflective artistry and buoyant-but-also-lonely inner being. Featuring a host of close friends, colleagues and admirers, the film evokes awe, admiration and nostalgia the way most of his music does, till date. And, almost two decades after his demise, why he continues to be re-mixed and idolized endlessly, even today. 
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    Knowing Pancham Part 2
    ‘Knowing Pancham’, is a priceless collection of over 5 hours of captivating conversations & reflections on RD Burma’s life, music and magic compiled by Brahmanand S Singh Much more and beyond what you came     across in the National Award-winning film, PANCHAM UNMIXED: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai … which has enthralled audiences, music lovers and Pancham fans across the world ... touching thousands of lives and energizing them in curiously spiritual ways ... ‘Knowing Pancham’ is a collection of priceless anecdotes, insights and observations from people who knew him best, worked with him and some from the newer generation who revere and interpret RD's music perceptively. A must watch for Pancham fans, music-lovers & professionals from myriad backgrounds … there is something in it for everyone.
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    Knowing Pancham Part 1
    This is the First Part of the film ‘Knowing Pancham’, is a priceless collection of over 5 hours of captivating conversations & reflections on RD Burma’s life, music and magic compiled by Brahmanand S SinghRead More
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    Cobra Gypsies
    In northern India, lives a nomad people of dancers and musicians, their names means "those who love the snakes".They are one of the most iconic tribe of the gypsies from Rajasthan : the Kalbeliyas. Raphael Treza, director and musician went to meet with this mythical tribe to discover their unique culture and reveals portraits on a traditional and com temporary musical background. We leave with Surumnath in the desert in search of a cobra which he sells the venom. We follow the production of wood charcoal with Biram's family and we discover the various jobs of the kalbeliyas , such as shepherd, dance teacher or horse trainer. We participate to a wild honey hunting with an unconventional method and we discover the intimacy of kabelliyas customs though a wedding and a funeral. We follow the children of a caste of gypsies who are antelope hunters in search of their lost camel. We also observe the technique of gypsies to find a rare and poisonous lizard, the Fucan and then we'll see what happens during a Kalbeliyan festival where no camera had filmed this before.This film combines adventure, nature, culture and reveals the unique beauty of the original people of the Gypsy culture.
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    Hallucinogen Honey Hunters
    Lost in Nepal, lives a tribe of honey hunters, the Gurungs They are the last humans before a Eight thousand meters summit, their village is surrounded by a thick jungle who's secrets are just known by them A     month every year, the giant bees from Himalayas, the biggest in the world, forage toxic flowers, giving to honey medicinal, aphrodisiac and hallucinogen properties. Gurungs are taking extremely high risks to harvest that honey which is only reachable on cliffs, They developed a mystical link with the bees, what makes them able to fight the swarms without protection clothing. The precious harvested liquid must be carefully used in order to avoid a severe intoxication I am Raphael, I start a journey to meet the tribe in order to learn more about this magic honey.
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    It is a story of a young bride and her life’s journey as seen before and after she is stricken with brain cancer. With the backdrop of her struggle against cancer, the film journeys to explore the softer issues which are currently being overlooked by the modern technology overloaded treatment practises for life-limiting diseases like cancer. In the process the film tries to highlight the importance of more economical and more meaningful ways of dealing with such deadly diseases like cancer.
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    5 Mins
    5 minutes is a story of how things change in merely a few minutes. When a young boy accidentally stumbles on a terror plan what will be its impact on his and other's Lives 
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    That Day
    An alcoholic out of work actor is diagnosed with a medical condition that prohibits him drinking. His entire apartment is filled with alcoholic drinks of all varieties. Unfortunately he gets locked up in his apartment and must fight the urge to not drink for the entire evening. This is the story of his struggle on “That Day”
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    Mujhe chand chahiye
    Mujhe Chand Chahiye is a romantic lighthearted comedy.   Razi, secretly marries a second wife Phool. Maima, his first wife, splits up with him when she discovers it, and soon afterwards Maima leaves for Hong Kong, along with their young son, without informing her husband Razi.   Years go by and Maima now has raised this son, Zain in Hong Kong, who falls in love with a visiting Pakistani model Chand. He arrives in Pakistan and manages to secure a job as Chand's music teacher.   Chand happens to be Razi's daughter with his second wife Phool.  Interestingly, Imran is also in love with Chand because he is one of her college friends.
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    The Call of the Bhagirathi
    The film depicts the struggle mounted by these hill people to save not only their assets and livelihood but their way of life as it had existed for generations. The tragic reality of ordinary people being uprooted from the shores of their beloved river,to be supplanted, sometimes forcibly, on an alien land, with nothing more than barren rocks. The film predicted the devastating earthquake of Uttarkashi.
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    Shores Of Silence
    Shores of Silence: Whale Sharks in India is a landmark film by Mike Pandey that brought about major legislative changes to protect whale sharks worldwide. This documentary depicts the needless killing and harve     sting of whale sharks by poor Indian communities. 1. THE GREEN OSCAR -Winner of the Worlds most Prestigious GREEN OSCAR / PANDA AWARD, Wildscreen Festival, Bristol, UK - 2000 2. The Citta Di Toronto at the Cinemambiente Awadrs - 2001 3. The 6th Sichuan TV Festival , China - 2001 4. The Honour of Knowledge Award at Baristlava, Slovakia - 2001 5. The Golden Jury Award, Worldfest, Houston- 2002 6. The Rolls Royce, Commonwealth Broadcasting Award, UK- 2002 7. Ecofilm, Award in the Category of Documentary, Oct 2002 8. Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic Award, Nov 2002 9. Wildlife trust of India, Endangered Species Award, 2002 10. Vatavaran 2003 Prithvi Ratan Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Conservation, November 2003 11.National Award for Best Adventure & Exploration Film, 2005
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    Uska Aana
    The story revolves around the two women, who are completely helpless at the hands of their natal and marital families. One of them is unable to follow her conscience and cannot forgive herself for the rest of her life.The other one, goaded by the example of the older one, decides to challenge the system in a very innovative way, which hits at its very core.
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    The Last Migration
    "The film depicts a 42-day wild elephant capture operation in Madhya Pradesh, India. Driven out of their home range in Bihar, due to excessive deforestation; a herd of wild elephants migrated to eastern Madh     ya Pradesh 300 kms away, where the sterile teak plantations could not sustain the herd. Desperate for sustenance they went on a rampage and created havoc amidst the terrified tribals of the remote district of Sarguja – where elephants in the wild have been unheard of, for more than a century. A team of trained elephants was brought in to capture the herd. The film portrays the man-animal conflict and its repercussions; the tussle between the ancient pachyderm and the tribals of the forest. It also digs deeper and finds that this is actually a manifestation of a more vicious cycle; the disruption and devastation of the balance in Nature by mankind's relentless and unsustainable obsession with power and development. "
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    Cosmic sex
    Cosmic Sex is the story of a young man Kripa who is on the run from sex and violence one night in Kolkata when he meets a woman Sadhavi who strangely resembles his dead mother.  She gives him shelter and teaches him to travel inwards through sex.   The film deals with Dehotatva (worshipping through one's own body) and explores the connection between Sex and Spirituality. 
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    Helicopters flying just above. Safety or just a delay of fate? Melodies from the flute. Calmness or veiling danger lurking right at home? The authorities are in place in Afghanistan to protect the innocent or are they a fuel to the raging fire that is terrorism? This short film is a snapshot of 'curiosity killed the cat' but rather pitilessly and inhumanely. A little boy in the midst of a normal day discovers something he shouldn't have pried on, the result, an unfathomed brutality. How safe is an innocent life in Afghanistan?
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    Vanishing Giants
    This documentary is a protest and demand for immediate cessation of capture of elephants in this brutal way and a call for policy changes if elephants are to be protected. This film exposes the cruel and archaic methods of capture being used with no concern for the animal, a protected and endangered species. The torture and subsequent death of a young tusker in a capture operation authorized by the government prompted Mike Pandey to stop filming on Elephants in Crisis and turn it into a Documentary.
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    Maliwood Talks (Hindi)
    Disaster invites more devastation is a thought not welcome in Malegaon. Communal riots stemmed  a film industry that brought nomalcy through entertainment. Though the films were remakes of Bollywood films, they attained distinctiveness through local artists, languages and themes. With harmony amongst religions restored they address local issues through songs. Despite  problems such as budgets, piracy, technology, facility and lack of Government support the industry still continues film making with enthusiasm.
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    Maliwood Talks
    It is an inspiring story about a "Malegaon film Industry " populaRLY KNOWN AS "Maliwood . The Journey that began 13 years ago making films with low budget T.V.Serial.
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    Apna Asmaan
    Ravi and Padmini share a strained relationship due to their teenage son Buddhi's intellectual handicap. Buddhi, a mildly autistic slow learner displays his flair for art but his parents, with their middle-class insecurities, neither recognize nor encourage his talent. Driven by Padmini's social insecurities and Ravi's guilt for dropping Buddhi as a baby, the parents chase an unreal dream of seeing their son as a normal good student who, like others, must become an engineer or a doctor.   While Dr Sen, the neurologist, tries hard to make Padmini accept the reality, Ravi's accidental meeting with Dr Sathya - the maverick scientist, leads him to the experimental "Brain Booster" that can make Buddhi a genius. The magic drug has a side effect - Amnesia, which Ravi thinks is a blessing since Buddhi has no good memories to talk about. Initially, Ravi hesitates to administer the drug but one night, in an inebriated state, he is sufficiently provoked by Padmini to inject Buddhi with the Brain drug.   What would be the side-effects of transforming your child into someone he/she isn’t meant to be?
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    A story of 2 patients in a hospital. One's bed is near the window and the other is trapped as he is unable to move to see the sights described. Niyat describes the intention of humans in every action.
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    Child prostitution and the subsequent HIV/Aids infection is a reality that cannot be ignored. Will little June get her salvation and freedom to chase her dreams?
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    The Colors of Pride
    A bizarre event unfolds in 1845 Rajasthan, India. This is a story about a Landowner and the most peculiar taxation policy implemented in recent history. An incident with the evasive Dyers society unleashes the colors of pride and a preposterous levy ensues leading the Dyers to work at night. Buried for one hundred and sixty years The Colors of Pride.
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    Bombay 1992
    When the whole city burns with communal rage, what does one do when he has more than just himself to save? The film is neither a question asked to challenge the authorities nor an answer that provides solace. It's just another story of a common man, dragged in the tug of war of violence and religious virtues.Muslims were not killed. Hindus were not killed. Humanity was killed, in Bombay 1992.
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    A timid, broke student, sharing a small apartment with his foul-tongued roommate finds a clue to finding the woman of his dreams. Or, is it a clue? It's a satirical thriller based on the apparently invisible dangers of compulsiveness. Even a beautiful emotion like 'love' could be dangerous if it's a causal bi-product of compulsion. But conscious love is a beautiful act. For that matter, being in touch with one's consciousness is the only saviour.
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    Harvest of Grief
    Harvest of Grief is a truthful insight into the agricultural crisis affecting the farmers in Punjab, India, causing them to commit suicide. This investigative documentary was created in the hope that public opinion will force policy makers to change the agricultural policies that are destroying the lives of farmers and their families.
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    Teesra Rasta
    Little Kiran goes to the post office with her father to get the radio papers stamped. The excitement of the experience inside turns into sheer terror outside when her dad hands her a 10 paisa coin to give it to the woman sitting beneath the peepal tree. Kiran is now a young girl being groomed at her natal home by her mother, who is forever perfecting her chores. Visuals of ornaments appearing on Kiran one by one depict her marriage and end with her father-in-law telling her father, "Whatever you wish to gift your daughter, just present it in form of cash". Kiran is standing in the center, with her mother and mother-in-law standing on either side. She is quiet while the two women tell her what is expected of a married woman at her marital home. The girl is now at her marital home, slogging away. With an exhausted face she enters her bedroom where her husband is fast asleep. Kiran is lying on her bed one afternoon after the completion of her work when the mother-in-law comes and switches off the fan. A monologue follows indicating a letter being sent by Kiran to her father about being troubled in her husband's home. Kiran is standing in front of the mirror in her room, waiting for her husband to come. The girl picks it up. The mother-in-law comes and takes her son's hand in hers and takes him away. Kiran's father comes to take his daughter home for a few days. The mother-in-law tells him that if he feels like dropping her back, its fine, if not, he can keep her. Kiran is now sitting in the drawing room with her father sitting opposite her. The family is sitting together for dinner, Kiran's mother is constantly looking at her stoned eyes and expressionless face. Kiran has a dream where a woman is being chased by a man, after some running , she falls on the ground and the man opens a bottle and throws some liquid at her. The image of the woman covered in the white cloth, with her hand sticking out, follows. The film ends with Kiran running past the same peepal tree, it is night.. this time there are many women sitting there. She does not want to be like them… she says she has chosen the third way to live ..
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    Ram Naam Satya Hai
    Raam Naam Satya Hai : The film is about reverse migration From city to village, from knowledge to ignorance. A prototype, he is running, he is hungry, like million others with contradictions of life. All are out there to get him, but there is no end.
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    Pehla Affair
    Rohit has been unlucky among opposite sex and has never had any girlfriend. He meets Shilpa, a handicapped girl, who works in a boutique. Rohit feels that since both of them lack certain qualities, may be they can complement each other. He starts to pursue Shilpa and soon they become good friends. But Rohit is in a dilemma if what he is doing is morally correct? Is he trying to take advantage of her handicap? And thus begins a turmoil betweel Love & Lust.
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    Life Camera Action
    This inspiring ninety-minute quasi-autobiographical family-drama film features the struggle of the protagonist Reina - played by award-winning actress Dipti Mehta - who sets off on a career in film making against parental consent. Running the risk of being disowned for going against the norm of pursuing a future in engineering, medicine or architecture, the film celebrates the strength of the central character to challenge the rules regardless of the consequences.
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    A Day In The City
    A Day In The City is based on a series of unfortunate events that escalate to a point where an entire city gets in a state of panic and suffering. A certain eye opener for every Indian citizen.

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